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       The outgoing Boston native "GBGFLEE" never stops working. Flee was also known as "Fleecokain" or "Almighty Flee" wrapping up his 10th body of work, he's now ready to put out his first EP or maybe album. 


       After having a viral experience "GBGFLEE" gained popularity becoming a Youtube sensation. Flee later began to travel Hosting club events & performing his songs in venues all over the country such as King of Diamonds GentleMen's Club in Miami FL, Magic City Adult Entertainment Club in Atlanta, GA, VLIVE Phoenix, AZ, Starlet's GentleMen's Club in New York City, The Last Resort Pub & Grill in Smithfield, RI Centro Nightclub Lawrence, MA and many other venues in the United States. In 2015 Flee was invited to a music conference in Miami, FL also know as "The Revolt Music Conference" where he met many musical icons, DJ's, and celebrities. Since then "GBGFLEE" has been constantly recording & distributing his music in unique ways to stay consistent with his fan base by branding his name an self with merchandise such as clothing & Game Breaker accessories. All though the anticipation builds "GBGFLEE" plans to release his first album sooner than expected titled "Life Moving so Fast".


@GBGFLEE Begins to release garments from his latest brand.